Poem: All About You | Blessy Shyju, Dubai

You are not my Pain
You are my Happiness
You are not my Sorrow
You are my Joy
You are not my Fear
You are my Peace
You are never a Lie
You are my Truth

You are never my Distrust
You are my Trust
You are never Weak
You are my Strength
You are not my Enemy
You are my Love
You are never Hopeless
You are my Hope

Your doors aren’t Closed
Your doors are always Open
Your ways aren’t Half Way
Your ways lead to End
Your creations aren’t Incomplete
Your creations are Complete
Your plans aren’t Failures
Your plans leads Success

You are My Destiny….
Besides you I have nothing..
I love you for you loved me !!

– Blessy Shyju, Dubai



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