Recipe: ഫലൂടയുണ്ടാക്കാം വളരെ സിമ്പിളായ്

Flavours-badam drink mix(I used),or saffron+cardamom or rose syrup or any flavour of your choice
Fruits chopped-(your choice..I used apple and pineapple)coat it with 1 tbsp of sugar or condensed milk
Falooda sev-4 tbsp (boiled,drained&kept in cold water)
Basil/chia seeds-4tbsp (boiled&kept aside or soaked in water for 20minutes)
Dry fruits-cashews,pistachios and almonds-2tbsp crushed
Glazed cherry-2 or 3
Vanilla icecream(I used homemade)-4scoops


Boil milk add sugar and flavour(as mentioned) stir and switch off.Let it cool.Later chill.
Now take a glass drop in a layer of tuttifrutti,then a layer of dry fruits,then a layer of sev and basil seeds.

Add fruits upto 3/4th of glass.Now add a scoop of icecream.
Again drop in tuttifrutti and dry fruits.Then sev and basil seeds.Now again fruits on top.Pour chilled prepared flavoured milk.
Again drop in a scoop of icecream.Garnish with dry fruits and cherry.
Your simple yummy falooda is ready?
You can use jelly or syrup if you like…too to make it more colourful.



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