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Still, I don’t remember ‘her’ name. Frankly saying, actually I don’t know ‘her’ name. I can only share what I know, right..? Anyway, what is the use of knowing ‘her’ name? Is it to check her on Facebook profile? No way, she is not there. Not just that, now a days without telling the name and writing as ‘prominent’ is the style too. But, ‘she’ was just an ordinary woman. ‘She’ wasn’t that much prominent.

If you ask me about ‘her’ family, I wouldn’t know. What is the use of having anyone, anyway? We may have family members, but what if they can’t do anything for us? Whatever ‘she’ had, ‘she’ was willing to give it to them. But when ‘she’ realised that all ‘her’ dreams were fading away, time significantly flew. By that time, everyone was a lose for ‘her’. What is the use of calculating the up’s and down’s of life now..? Everything is about to finish, right..? Then what? Yes, as you thought, ‘woman’ whose dreams were all vanished, is depressed now; severe ‘depression’ (that is what science describes ‘her’ situation). Whatever it is, it’s good because now ‘she’ is not coming outside, ‘she’ is not seeing the outside world nowadays.

What is the reason for ‘her’ depressed state..? Depression drained ‘her’ energy and hope, leaving her feel empty, sad and helpless I won’t say. What if ‘she’ doesn’t like it? It’s not one or two years issues.. but why am I saying this to you? It will only make you feel bored, correct? There are more tragic things for you to say than this.. right?

In ‘her’ young age, when ‘she’ wore a frock or dress, anyone would have looked at ‘her’. That was ‘she’. Many young boys would come by riding bicycles, ring the bell on the front gate of ‘her’ house, wishing ‘she’ would come out one day to meet. (We can’t blame them, as that’s their age).

‘She’ is a thoughtful person now. How fast the years passed by? She remembered everything as what happened yesterday. She didn’t forget anything. There is nothing to expect today. She is suffering now, both mentally and physically. Once she had everyone. How fast years have gone? (This is not just ‘her’ story, we can also make it ours).

While was sat with her head down in the dark lane, someone who went by her way, told about ‘Him’. Is that you? I don’t know! But I know she heard about ‘Him’. She wanted to see ‘Him’, touch ‘Him’ and feel His presence, and I am not bothered to say anymore. (Is she crazy? Don’t yet think like that!)

Was ‘she’ starting to live again? I didn’t understand anything. ‘She’ changed suddenly. Were expectations starting to rise in her? That’s her faith, isn’t that everything?

‘She’ went out from the dark lane. It would be correct to say, ‘she’ jumped. Yes, ‘her’ legs that weren’t moving is moving. ‘She’ was tired outside, but the faith inside was an extraordinary. Though ‘she’ grew weary and tired, stumbled badly, the hope ‘she’ gained renewed the strength in ‘her’.

I just couldn’t resist saying that. Her goal was ‘Him’ only. ‘She’ has heard a lot about Him. Her only wish was to see ‘Him’ before her death. He is everything to her. Without Him, ‘she’ wouldn’t exist.

‘She’ was walking in the sunlight without feeling the heat of the sun. Expectations is what that led ‘her’ to ‘Him’. There were thousands of people with ‘Him’ there.

‘She’ was least bothered about those people gathering over there. For her, that was not a problem. She couldn’t see the people or the situations around. All ‘she’ only noted one thing, yes, that’s Him.

‘She’ somehow walked in the midst of the crowd unknowingly… moving towards left turning right and walking straight from back… Yes, ‘she’ was really feeling ‘his’ touch and presence. What an amazing mighty presence.? ‘She’ didn’t even know… a powerful amazing presence of touch and love was flowing over ‘her’… she was not the same anymore.. After the mighty flow of love on ‘her’.. she was totally a transformed women. Yes, after the touch and love her state of depression, anxiety, worry… was cleansed and washed away with the powerful touch of ‘His’ love and passion towards her… salvation.. healing.. mighty powerful touch of love, everything happened in an instance… that was ‘Him’.

Without faith, nobody can ever please ‘Him’ or draw closer towards ‘Him’.. Yes, just like how ‘the woman’ believed, we too shall believe in ‘Him’… If that’s the case, then can you please tell me, who is ‘He’..?



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