” Until you know that life is a war, you cannot know what prayer is for… ”
– John Piper

Every dawn is a new life given to us with a lot of opportunities in it, but along with it comes worries about the future. But being the child of the Father above, He want us to keep our burdens on Him so that He can care for us. It’s often said that when the God’s warriors go down on their knees,  the battle is not has just begun!!!  Nobody is born as a warrior. You choose to be one when you stand for God against the world…when you stand up after getting knocked down. In Romans 12:2 , Paul gives a piece of advice that we should not conform to the patterns of this world. So worrying about those things which are on earth is meaningless for us and hence Bible encourages us to stop worrying about earthly things. We all know that for a battle or for a war… how soldiers prepare themselves on their training grounds but we, the saved ones have to prepare our battle against this sinful world using our prayer because it is the most powerful weapon given to us to fight with. When we kneel down before God, He fights for us.Therefore being on your knees will help you conquer every oppositions. We need to always remember that the task ahead of us is never as great as the power of our God in us. Never be discouraged or harden your hearts thinking God isn’t fighting for you and you have to go through the downs of your life all alone… because God is up to something or the devil will not be fighting with you this hard; putting doubts in you about God… you are finally going to win over him. So keep trusting in God alone. It’s sure that when you stand as a warrior for God, devil will play tricks on you. He will whisper in your ears that ” YOU CAN’T WITHSTAND THE STORM.” But when we give our battle to God… He will strengthen us to give a reply that ” I AM THE STORM “,when you boldly say this…you won the real battle….

The word WORRYING is mentioned six times in the Gospel of Matthew 6:25-34. Jesus reminds each one of us that there is absolutely no reason to worry.. not about today,  yesterday or about tomorrow. if you want to be a warrior, you have to learn to lean on the everlasting arms of our Saviour. A warrior takes his matter into the hands of God where as a worrier takes his matter by his own and ends up in a big mess… reaching no where. Knowing God specialises in unequal fights gives us the courage to fight. God always want us to come through our fight victoriously and giving all the glory and honor to Him.The Bible depicts a clear image of a faithful Christian warrior as follows:

 as a foundation on which he stands. 
• BREAST PLATE OF RIGHTEOUSNESS to protect him from the desires of the evil world. 
• SWORD OF SPIRIT which is used to attack enemies.
• SHEILD OF FAITH to extinguish the sorrows of the world.
• BELT OF TRUTH to stand firmly in the word of God.
• SANDALS OF READINESS to leave a righteous path for the future generations to follow. 

Being a warrior and not a worrier puts a lot of confidence and power back in you.Whatever happens you will be able to deal it. A warrior always triumphs his victory where as a worrier covers it up. Self evaluate yourself in being a worrier or warrior for Christ..Are you allowing God to be the Master  of your life? Just keep in mind that God wants you to stop making your problems into a mess and start trusting Him.  Even when you are facing insurmountable odds of your life, Rise up in courage to declare ” I WILL NOT WORRY” for it is said in 1 Peter 5:7 ” Cast all your burdens on Him; for He cares for you. “

– Sandra Ann Mathew



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