English Article: GO AHEAD & FACE IT!!

Sandra Ann Mathew (Bahrain)

Being a Christian, Life often bring a series of unexpected twists & turns. We lose hope in GOD sometimes when we are in the midst of trials and temptations. We turn out to be depressed and look forward to escape from the situation through shortcuts which end up in a mess. But Have You ever wondered how will the situation transform when you take a decision to face it? When we face the world with the Word Of GOD, we will realize that GOD is greater than all the problems that we face today. As I was surfing in the net, I came across a truly inspiring story which goes like this: During a bad weather,a young girl was walking back home from her school. Her mother at home was worried about her daughter that she will be in trouble and decided to look for her . By that time , the weather became worse and started producing lightning and thunderstorms. A little time later, the mother found her daughter and was surprised to see her smiling and posing for each lightning that was produced. Mother asked her for the reason and the young girl replied,” Mom, GOD was clicking my picture from heaven above.I was posing so that I will look good in it “. This young girl’s attitude inspired me a lot to understand that it is not the size of our problem that really matters but it is our response and attitude to the problem that matters.The innocent mind of the young girl made her believe that GOD was clicking her picture.That resulted in transforming a negative situation to a positive one .Similarly when we face such difficulties in life, we always look from the negative angles at the problem rather than looking from the positive ones.When we start to believe that we can overcome all the storms of life, that’s where we mark our success in GOD.Many of us are afraid to face our tests of life because we believe that it brings pain and sufferings. But we all need to remember that God uses problems in our life to CORRECT us, PROTECT us, & PERFECT us. Always keep in mind that God is in control of our life and He will give tests and hardships along with the strength of GOD to face it, He knows all our weaknesses and never leave us alone in the midst of the storms. Here are some basic tips to stand strong and face our problems in life with the help of GOD;

(1) FOCUS on God’s power rather than focusing on the size of  your problems. God is much much larger than any obstacles you’ll ever face.


(2)TRUST in God’s plan even when it doesn’t make any sense.God is never too late or early He is just on time to reveal His purpose on you.



(3)PURSUE the guidance of Holy Spirit in all aspects of your life. Place your relationship with GOD as the center of your life and allow God to empower you.



(4)RELY on God’s promises and blessings by obeying and believing God’s instructions in all your ways. Nothing is impossible for Him to do.



God’s awesome power is available to help us face all the long and short term problems of our life. The more problems we face, the greater is our potential to experience God’s pure joy. Every test in our life make us bitter or better and Every problem comes to make us or break us: The choice is ours whether to become victims or victorious. Our blessing depends on our choices, responses and reactions to the problems.

Therefore , I encourage all of you to stand strong for GOD and face everything that comes your way whether it’s good or bad, positive or negative. It is an opportunity given to us to glorify and honor our God’s name through us . Let’s not waste it for His time is near …..



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