Article: Who Can Find The Perfect Husband!? | Jacob Varghese

In the Bible, in book of Proverbs we have a long enough chapter beautifully describing the noble characteristics of a godly woman. I think it is time for the men too to reflect on the same. It is time we define the ideal man to whom we should compare all men. It is not scriptural or religious but I think it is more of practical, experiential and observational. Now, this is not some sort of legalistic standard we are going to hold all men to. It is just sort of a guideline for men to aspire to be. It is good for men to have goals and examples.

When men choose to marry, men want a life partner who will be trustworthy, faithful and reliable. Also it’s no surprise that they look for a beautiful woman, obedient woman, working woman, strong woman, successful woman and the criteria varies. But some practical observation I am presenting here.
If men choose to marry a working woman, he must know and admit that she can’t handle herself the household works completely, because her job and housework together sometimes can get her tired.
If he has chosen a woman for marriage who can take care of him and fully control the household affairs, he should know that she can’t make money and need to understand that the whole time she is spending in looking after him and to take good care of his parents and children.
If he choose an obedient woman as his wife, he should know and accept that she depends on him, and he should ensure the safety of her life.
If he decides to be with a strong woman in his marriage life, he should accept that she will have a little tough heart and she will have her own opinion.
If he chooses a beautiful woman, he will have to accept big expenses and expensive things for her.
If he decides to be with a successful woman, he should understand that she has a different attitude and she has her own goals and aspirations too.
There is no such thing as perfect married life. Everyone has their own nerves. Keep moving forward by forgiving and helping one another. One needs to decide among a working woman, an obedient woman, a strong woman, a beautiful woman, or a successful woman in marriage life as there is no such thing as perfect married life. Many people mistakenly believe that the Proverbs 31 woman was a real woman. How can any normal, sane, sensible woman reach those standards without finding a right man as her husband? Many fail to understand and recognize that behind the Proverbs 31 woman there should be a right, perfect and godly man to be her husband. A man who is strong enough not to fear his wife’s strength instead values her strength and gives himself to God’s calling not as a husband but a husband man who praises her, trusts in her, encourages her to grow in the Lord and also to be successful in her life .
The question is who can find the perfect man? A perfect man is hard to find. Can his wife trust him without reserve and never has reason to regret it. One man who never spiteful, who showers blessings on his wife and family all lifelong. He who seeks God’s purpose in every vocation: husband, father, church member, citizen, and so on. And the only thing he likes to binge on is time with family and friends. He spends his spare time studying the Word of God. He doesn’t squander his money on frivolous things like gambling or stupid gadgets. Rather, he invests in things that last: his children’s education, great and memorable vacation, something beautiful for his wife and children, thoughtful investments etc. He senses the worth of his work but knows when it is time to go home or if he works from home, he is thoughtful about his screen-time, his work hours and make sure to give quality time for his family.
He doesn’t delay the repairs at home and tries to fix the garbage disposal; he finds the joy in working with his hands and to be an assistance to his wife in the household chores. He is not afraid to get his hands dirty for his family. At the same time he looks sharp and dresses appropriately for the occasion without relinquishing who he is at his core. When he speaks he does so with language that uplifts. His children respect and bless him, usually with tickle fights and kisses; his wife joins in with words of praise: “Many men have done wonderful things, but you have excelled them all!” He doesn’t try to be someone he is not. Nor does he attempt to “leverage his influence.” Rather, he serves humbly, and uses his influence to point others to Christ. The man to be admired and praised is the man who lives in the fear of God.
He cries when he needs to and holds his wife lovingly caring for. His wife can trust him to get the right kind of things for the house on the way back home from work. He will help the children to eat healthy and exercise regularly. His hands are busy paying bills and writing checks to pay for all the expenses for his family. He also helps the poor and the needy, but he never lets them get the house dirty. There are tons of guys in the world, but you should be the man, with your ample character, charisma, and godliness, surpass them all as the husband for his loving wife. Then his wife will be well-known, but not too well-known for wrong reasons. His children stand up when he enters the room and he doesn’t even have to ask them. His wife completely and totally adores him, boasting often about her husband. His hands will be gentle and soft but firm. But a man who commits adultery has no sense; whoever does so destroys himself and the family.





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