Poem: NAIL PIERCED HANDS | Gladys Biju George

The pierced hands of Jesus,

That bore the scars of nails
Holds my heart,
Love of Christ, could not thwart.

Multiplied the loaves and fishes.
Took in arms, laid hands and blessed the little ones.
Touched the bier, life granted.
Took the child by hand, said, “Talitha, cumi,” life restored.
Those Hands how incredible!

The seven stars in his hand, holding
Among the candlesticks, walking
His hands healed the ailing,
Comforted the lonely and the hurting.
How incredible are the hands of Jesus!

Those very hands on a cross were outstretched,
Placed by large spike nail and pinned,
Through those hands blood freely flowed,
By the sinful hands He was hanged.

On the cross, spikes did not held Jesus
Rather it was his reckless love for us,
Those hands are worthy to bless us,
To pat on our bruised wounds.

Lord, hold my heart tightly forever,
No matter comes whatever,
Let me always be in your arms safer
Till I be with you forever!

Gladys Biju George


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