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Pottery is one of the most difficult and ancient profession you will find around. it needs equal amount of concentration and skill to find success. From the renowned chapter of Jeremiah 18, God too gave a Life Lesson from this humble profession.

When it comes to the word “Potter”, you will stumble upon google hits pointing towards the Boy Wizard from Hogwarts. But turning the page before Magic fantasy common era, “Potter” is the term used for men working around tough conditions beautifying stuffs from nothing. The verse that made me ponder and pen down this article is from Jeremiah 18:2 (ESV).

It says “Arise, and go down to the potter’s house, and there I will let you hear my words.”

We all are familiar with the allotment of virtual or abstract characters mentioned in this particular passage. Here the Potter is “God” and Clay – “Us”. The whole scenario is an perfect illustration of working of God in an individual’s life. Maybe this piece of abstract encouragement came up, when the author was in desperate need of finding hope in life. Maybe, today its God talking to us when we are away from Him currently.

I always liked to break up codes and debug. I did the same in here.


When we are facing disappointments in our life and if we feel the lack of God’s presence in our life, we tend to fall down in our spiritual life. God, the everlasting & merciful Lord, always reach out to us with the hand of hope. Gently and Calmly near us, He comes and tells us to “ARISE”. In this fast growing world with the cut throat competitions, you will rarely find people with such genuine concern. As a loving Father to his fallen Child, he shows the real and genuine concern by saying the word of Hope and Redemption – “ARISE”. Remember, no matter what happens, if there is no one standing for us in our toughest battles, The God residing in Heavens will fight our battles in the valley.


Our Lord is a gracious who offers us the chance of Redemption. But we should not take advantage of the same and continue living the sinful life. After handing us the word of Hope, He now gives a stage to showcase and submit ourselves by repenting from the sins. Does anyone invite you over to their home, after you commit a heinous crime? Probably not, but here God invites the fallen child to His presence. King David was one such individual, who used this privilege during his time, where everytime he would use opportunities to repent from his sins. In God’s presence, we can and will find Salvation and Forgiveness of Sin.


Once we accept his invitation and be in His Presence, the next thing we need to do is to WAIT. The young generation of today lack the good nature of patience. God loves one who stay still and wait upon His time. We can wait upon Him in Prayer and Mediating upon his Words. As the Father waited for the Prodigal Son to return, our Father in Heaven waits for us to comfort and let us know that “Its okay, Its alright now, I am here..” He is the loving Father we all want. All God want is us to stay still and wait upon his plan. Everyday as we spent time with Him in Prayer and mediating on the Word, he will talk to us and direct our steps.

These past weeks for people like me and you, maybe it was time and Season of Chaos. Maybe we weren’t focusing on Him, but now God pulls us up and is inviting us near Him. All we have to is to calm down and accept the invitation and wait for Him to talk to us. His invitation is to offer us, the Cup of Redemption. When God offers Second chances, don’t take it lightly. If we mess it up, An eternal death and loss of Heavenly Blessing is awaiting us.


Jerrin Jacob



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