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Failures are part of our Life. I don’t think there is any soul in this World who did not went through a season of Failures. I am reminded of a video I made a year or so back. It displayed various failures former American President – Abe Lincoln faced during the span of 28 years. So yeah, failure is something that happens in the lives of Rich and the Poor, The Famous and the Less Famous ones.
Failures can be of many types and categories. You can find failures in areas like Career, Relationships. It can also be seen in various aspects of Life such as Physical Life, Spiritual Life and Mental Life. Usually the feeling of being failed, it pops up when an individual is alone and his mind gets busy in the process of scanning through the negative memories of that person. It compiles a list and puts in the individual’s thought and then finally it is being processed during the time of loneliness. I was recently driving back home from a meeting and my mind was ready with a compiled list from the past. the Blast from the Past made me sad. I got sad because I was focusing and staying on those seasons of failures for a long time and I was showing my back on the present.

I believe Failures is a necessity. It makes us realize things so that when we have the opportunity to start over, we don’t repeat those mistakes. If you have a peek into the lives of Biblical Legends, they too had seasons of Failures. There are three things that I saw from the lives of those Biblical Legends and also people from our times, which helped them keep these Failures as foundation to find Success in their life.
They Trusted God: They chose to go for the positive option when they faced failures. They chose it is better to trust God to make a way rather than spending time whining about the failure. They realized in that downfall that God is the true Anchor with whose help they can come out of that traumatic season.
They got lessons from those mistakes: They used the seasons that followed Failure by directing their lives to path of Redemption. One of the major recovery technique these legends followed was learning from the mistakes they committed. They sat and pondered on what went wrong and where they miscalculated the step that caused this downfall.
They never gave up on Life: They did not spend their time wasting on whining and murmuring. After the analysis, they waited for the opportunities or even tried creating one through which they grabbed and had a new beginning. If they had given up, they would have never been known as Legends. They did not give their life due to Failures, but they put their lives dedicated to fight it and find success.
So, my friends, when you encounter the thoughts of past failures, it may make you cry like it did to me. But wipe off those tears and trust on God’s promises. If he gave you a promise, He will deliver it in the apt time. Face Failures with a wide smile and a strong heart. When Life throws you stones of failures, collect it. make a foundation. climb it and you will find victories.

Jerrin Abey Jacob



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