Article: Dilemmas of Life | San Mathew, Canada

There are times in our life when we end up in a sticky situation or a dilemma. In the Bible, we read of Jonathan who was in such a situation. On one side he had to be loyal to his father Saul, and on another side, he couldn’t disappoint his best friend David and also God’s plan for David. Logically, if Jonathan did not save David’s life by letting him run away from his father – King Saul’s anger that could have been the end of David and it also might hint that Saul’s kingship would be passed down in his own family. But Jonathan knew God’s plan and saved his friend and next king David’s life by risking his own life.
We also see Rahab, a Canaanite woman in Jericho saving the lives of two spies against the will of the local king. Moses’s parents saw that Moses was beautiful and they chose to hide him against the King’s law. The Devil took Jesus up to a mountain and gave him an option to kneel and worship him to get the entire kingdoms of the world and glory. The answer that Jesus had to solve his dilemma was to command the devil “get out of here Satan, For the Scripture says you must worship the Lord your God and serve him only”. That is a classic example of how we could solve our dilemmas in life- knowing God’s will by reading scriptures and commanding the confusing devil to depart.
Our living God will answer us when we call upon him and will crush all shells of confusion to reveal his purpose which we only need to follow. Sticky situations call for sticking closer to God and commanding the devil off!

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San Mathew, Canada


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