Article: Sons Of Thunder | Sajo Kochuparampil

When James stood in front of the sword prepared by Herod Agrippa I to be beheaded, there was no fear seen on his face.
When James became the first disciple to die as a martyr, it was an end of an era known as the “sons of thunder” filled with deceit and hatred.

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It was not strange when one of the sons of Zebedee who wanted to sit on both sides of the throne of Jesus and the one who wanted to bring down fire from heaven and kill the people of Samaria, was the first one among the disciples to be a martyr.

When Jesus and his disciples died as martyr’s, they wanted to tell the believers of this generation that even if we are despised by our enemy we shouldn’t ask for a sign from heaven, do not seek for support from kingdoms and authorities because God has prepared an eternal Kingdom for us.

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Our life in this World is not to show miracles but instead to prepare ourselves to enter into that Kingdom which is prepared for us. The entry to the Kingdom could be by being a martyr, by an accident, a sickness or even a natural death in old-age. However it is, all we have to do is to be prepared to enter that Kingdom when we are called .

Sajo Kochuparampil


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