Behold your God, this word is for His people. Our God is a powerful and Almighty God. He
created all that we see and we don’t see by the power of His word. He said and it was so. By His
own power of the word He upholds all these things. This God is a God who controls the nature.
In the scripture we read, He controls the waves of the sea. In Job 38:11 we see, He says don’t
come beyond this and it won’t come beyond that, and the hearts of the kings of this world, it is in
His hands. He controls their heart like the rivers He turns it. He is such a powerful God. Is there
any thing hard for Him? No! Genesis 18:14 says there is nothing too hard for Him. He is a God
who can do everything. Job 42:2 says”I know that you can do all things; no plan of yours can be
He is a God who is so powerful and we have this God. He performs all things for us. He has
a plan for us. He can execute that plan for its completion. Psalm 57:2 says ” I cry out to God
Most High, to God, who fulfills his purpose for me.” No power in this world can alter the plan
of God for us. Nothing can disrupt His plan for us, even though we may think many things in
our life is being disrupted. But remember no power can change God’s plan for us. This plan of
God is called as His precious thoughts. In Psalm 139:17 we see “How precious to me are your
thoughts, O God!” We should have this understanding that God has this precious thoughts for
us. He has got a thought and plan for us. We are in His thoughts, our life is remembered by God
and our entire life is in God’s thoughts. Jeremiah 29:11 says “For I know the plans I have for
you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a
Are you worried today about something just not been accomplished in your life; may be your
studies, may be your job, may be your family and so on. Here we have a God who can accomplish
mighty things for you. You need to get connected with Him, call upon Him and He will make
everything happen for you. In Psalm 138:8 we read the Lord will fulfill His purpose for you. That
is the confidence we should have for our life. If you think something is in complete in your life or
something is shattered, our God is there and He will perfect that plan for you. Psalm 18: 30 says
“As for God, his way is perfect” Psalm 56:9 says “When I call for help from God, my enemies will
turn back. By this I will know that God is for me.” This is the confidence we all should have every
day of our life and let us experience Him. The Lord directs us not to focus on men or their power
as there is no hope or future in trusting in ourselves or other men for salvation. But the Lord
directs our focus upon who He is and what He has done; to look upon His glory.
We all want comfort and God offers it to us as he did to exiled Israelites. We can take comfort
that our sin has been paid in full. So let us behold our God and believe His word. Putting the word
of God first will always keep us spiritually balanced. Having faith in God’s word and believing
it will help us to know deep inside that the Bible is God’s word. We must believe God’s word is
firmly fixed in the heavens, it doesn’t change and there is no limit to it’s perfection. According to
scripture, there is power in believing God and His word in whatever situation we are. When we
believe God’s word as it is truth and when we speak that truth over our own lives and situations
God’s power is released. That is why Jesus said if any one says to a mountain go and throw
yourself into the sea, and does not doubt but believes, that will be done. So we can choose to
believe God’s word no matter what our circumstances look like because God’s word has the
power to change things in our lives. All things are possible for the one who believes in God.

– Jacob Varghese



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