Remembering Pastor M. Paulose

Biju P Samuel

While working as a student counsellor with ICPF at Trivandrum, I had been residing on the top floor of Molly aunty’s house for almost eight and a half years, which is just opposite to Chinnus Hotel in Kesavadasapuram.

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Once I went on to attend a cottage meeting in their house. They are members of the A.G.Church, Plamoodu . Pastor Thomas Philip was the church minister. When I went to the meeting, the pastor asked me to preach from God’s Word and I agreed.

Soon after a while, very unexpectedly, Pastor M. Paulose walked into the meeting. After travelling somewhere, he had come to Chinnus hotel to have some food. Then he heard the sound of praises and songs being sung in the cottage meeting. Thus, he just walked into the meeting.

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I heard of him as a man who led a great life of sacrifices in ministry-who had sold his own blood to buy a projector for film shows. I was seeing him for the first time. I longed to hear his missionary experiences. And hence I felt that my preaching in front of him was inappropriate. So I requested Thomas Philip pastor to spare me from the preaching. But to my surprise, Pastor M. Paulose insisted that I must take some time to share from the Word of God. I gave a very short message and wrapped it up in just three minutes.

In the midst of ‘great apostles’ who are striving to project their own voice and messages, he was always a different man of God. He was so simple and down to earth that he could go to a meeting without even being invited. Such was the humility of that great man. He always spoke calmly in a very simple way. He preached without any unnecessary rhetoric style. He didn’t add any colourful stories or jargon in his messages. He led a perfect model of a life of sacrifice…

Another true devotee who loved Jesus so dearly departed from us… Adieu to the great man…



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