Article: Do You Hear Me? | Abel John, Rajasthan

The conflict of pleasure and sorrow and celebration and mourning has indubitably escalated within all of us. We know not whether to celebrate or lament, because we are at crossroads of our own emotions thrown up and down by the encompassing circumstances. Definitely there is no individual who has not endured any loss, or the least, does not know of anybody who has not endured any loss, may be a depleting loss of finances or a devastating loss of a dearly loved person. Our celebrations should now not be devoid of thanksgiving to God for having permitted this hour to be with our dear ones in the land of the living.
I believe that this phase of life must have made a prayer escape the lips of the most vehement atheist. There are more reasons to anchor your faith in God than to go off coast disbelieving and being lost and wrecked. Your present wound may cause you to disbelieve God’s ever present love towards you, but then if you must question God, you must seek for the answers for your questions in the very person you questioned, God himself. Looking for answers outside Him will set you on a track leading to nothing, except poignancy and disillusionment.

What happened in the garden is what is very much being manifested in our present world. Adam and Eve doubted God’s faithfulness towards them and they chose to seek the answers to the questions burning inside, outside God’s providence in the forbidden. After having made an unsuccessful attempt and a blatant mistake, Adam and Eve hid from God among the trees of the garden, and were afraid to answer the loud calls of their names by the same voice which yesterday tenderly spoke to them in the cool of the evening. Having sought answers to too many questions in the forbidden fruit outside God himself, made them incompetent to answer the question from God – “Where are you?” The conflict of pleasure in forbidden and sorrow in providence is not the trouble of a rebellious kid, but if traced back, we find that it is the inevitable problem of every link of the chain fastened in the Garden of Eden, except for a point where a single link is found snapped and fastened to the Cross of Calvary, where Jesus was nailed and broke the yoke of slavery of sin and opened the door to freedom to those who are willing to be.

How come we contradict? We do not seek so desperately for the Truth among the abundance of deceit while Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden desperately sought for the only deceit among the trees of true providence.
We have had years of abundant provision, wherein God conversed with each one of us in the cool of the evening, and we chose not to listen to Him, rather our ears grew callous to His soft whispers and we engaged more elaborately in vain pursuit of vague achievements whose considerable value empirically zeroes down to nothing with the arrival of death. Unpredictability of life in these times has posed a clear predicament; all of a sudden the music seems to have had a caesura, and the passing colours of this world are being washed off in tears, what do you make of it? The pain we are going through today is not Gods wrath or judgement over us for our sins; the ransom of every sin and debt has been paid in full on the cross, rather it is God’s desperate call to each one of us to turn to Him. “God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our conscience, but shouts in our pains: it is His megaphone to rouse a deaf world.” Do you hear Him renting the air with His call to enclose you within His loving arms? It is indeed high time to open up our ears and hearts to respond to the call of the creator!

Abel John



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