Article: Bloom where you are planted! | Angel Mathew, U.P.

God has placed you, wherever you are right now. It might seem to be a wilderness, full of thorns to prick you wherever you turn, you might be surrounded by the darkest cloud….
But through all this push and pull strategy, God is positioning you not breaking you. Positioning you- to take you to the place that He has reserved for you. David was God’s anointed, but God gave him the training in the wilderness.He was not equipped with any of the worldly armours but the power of anointing was enough to tear the lion and bear that came to devour him & to defeat the giant Goliath.

Don’t underestimate the power of anointing on you. Realize that before allowing a tough situation in your life, God has given you the means to get through it. Don’t give up.
Stop thinking negative. ‘Thought attack’ is fatal than heart attack. Through the distressing and discouraging thoughts, devil is stealing away your ability, potential and talents. Remember your creator is with you, so learn the strategy of walking the steps of faith.
The days in which we live are evil, so walk circumspectly redeeming the time. Stop satisfying others, stop justifying and stop explaining yourself. Think how to satisfy God who created you, and shed His last drop of blood for saving you from eternal damnation. You are there not because of your ability and skill but because of His GRACE.

When Joseph was rejected and ignored by his own brethren, God was with him. He had to witness the darkest times of utter disappointment, shattering and failure. But later on, he understood that it was a scene from the great masterpiece story of the Almighty God. Even when he was walking through the darkest valley, God was using Him to fulfil others dream. God allowed him to be thrown in the pit, dungeon, throne of shame purposefully. Satan said i sold him but Joseph said God Sent me( for interpreting others dream, to save their life). God was actually designing a deliverer to save His people. God’s masterplan – to make him the Governor over the land.
Friends, this is the difference. Joseph was chosen as the representative of God wherever he went. God was using him for others dream. He was positioned in the dungeon for the exact place that God designed for him. Joseph understood that Joy is not the absence of difficulties but the presence of God.
Every stumbling block infront of you, is going to be a stepping stone in Jesus name.

Start working on others dream. Think why the master has placed you there??? Who is the person for whom God has set you there???
Stop to be a complain box, from now onwards be a praise box and start to move ahead with one dream – reaching the unreached. Touch people with the transforming power of gospel. Let others see the presence of God in you, just as people could see on Joseph.
RISE UP! dear friends, RISE UP!
CREATE something new and powerful in others. You are adept enough to create something helpful and valuable in others. They will always be grateful to you for that. Be an encourager to someone in the place where you are right now.Start working for the expansion of His kingdom.

You are a REPRESENTATIVE of God in your present location.
Bloom where you are planted with the anointing that God has endowed you with…

Angel Mathew, U.P.



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