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Every opponent and challenge that we encounter have their own assigned role in serving, as various segments and sequences are part of the ongoing program which God has organized in our calling.
When Joseph was betrayed by his brothers, there was a dry pit to receive him until the arrival of the Ishmaelites. Then they brought him to Egypt, handing him over to Potiphar. However, he was later handed over to the chief of the prison for a season. He later presented Joseph before the king. Eventually, the King had appointed Joseph as the Governor of Egypt.

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Likewise, we will find the beauty of God’s ways in the life of Abraham, Moses, David, John the Baptist, Peter, Paul, and the other Apostles. Above all, we’ll see the glorious plans of God from the book of Genesis until the book of Revelation which He prepared for the manifestation of Jesus. We will be surprised to see the patterns used by God as He prepared each person He had chosen, who were part of the genealogy in which Christ was born.

By His incomparable Grace, we too are chosen by God in that ongoing divine plan in the perfect and due course of time. There is nothing that can be compared to walking in The Will of God here on earth. He has never chosen us for no reason. His ways are matchless and His plans are beyond our understanding!

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Rev. Roy Markara



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