Article: God’s Grace In Vain | Tesnia George, UAE

Your life is a door to a house that only you have access to. You have the liberty to open or close your door and no one else. As every door comes with a keyhole, so does yours. It is ironic you would blame your situations and others, or wonder how you ended up in sin because every time Satan knocks, you have that keyhole to know exactly what and whom you are opening your door to. Every time you let him in, you inevitably let someone out – Jesus.
You give sin an edge to grow up the walls of your house. The more it stays, the worse. Listen carefully, Jesus is knocking too, but you are so indulged in the sound of Satan’s music, those knocks never reach your ears. Yet His knocking never ceases. You see, He paid a heavy price for you. Though you may forget, Jesus never does. And then, there comes that point when you are snapped back to reality. Realise your visitor has overstayed his welcome. And you think you shouldn’t have let him in to begin with. But how do you do away with one who doesn’t want to be done away with? How do you make someone who doesn’t want to leave? You need help. You call security to forcefully push him out of your house. Yes, you finally remember the One who knocks you never heard.

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Now you need Jesus. You rely on His strength to get the intruder out. You can’t try alone. Your efforts are all in vain. It is as unrealistic as wanting a building to budge on your push. Jesus comes to your rescue, drags the intruder out. Your door is shut again. Now turn around, my friend. Look at your house. Your intruder has gone and there is no trace of him, but look what he has left behind. He has damaged your precious house. Yes, Jesus will turn your scarlet-stained house back to snow-white. But wait, you knew that all along didn’t you? While you were dancing to Satan’s tunes, you knew it was a wrong song to play, you knew what you were entertaining was not of God, but you thought you would stop at your own pace, cause Jesus is always there to clean up your mess, isn’t He?

If this is your mentality today, you’re taking the grace of God in vain. Do not bring upon yourself a time when He is not going to be there to knock your door anymore. Every time you open your door to the devil, you give away part of your house. Were you actually that naive to think those glittery wrapped packages he held were gifts for you? Or did he have to remove the disguise and reveal those guns and swords for you, to not open your door? Sin is like a microbe. Feed it with less than a drop of inoculum and you will have enough to replicate over an entire area.

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Next time he knocks, run to your phone and dial your security and say, “Lord, I have an unwanted visitor at my door.” Or else, let him in. After he is gone and the damage is done, turn around again and look. Do you like what you see? Was it worth it? How different would things have been, if you had peeped through that keyhole and just stepped away?

Tesnia George, UAE



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