Article: Bring Your Loaves, Not Your Miracles | Jacob Varghese

I once heard someone say, “You don’t have to feed the five thousand. You just have to bring your loaves and fishes.” Just as Jesus took one person’s meal and multiplied it far beyond anyone’s expectations or imagination, He will accept our surrendered efforts, talents, and service. He just wants us to be willing to bring what we have to Him. Have you been holding back something from God? Why is it difficult to bring that area of your life to Him? Jesus blesses and multiplies even our weakest efforts.

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Jesus is not asking us to perform a miracle in our own strength, He is simply asking us to have faith in Him and believe that He is who He claims to be. A few fish and loaves of bread are clearly not enough to feed thousands upon thousands of people, yet we realize what happens when our weak offering is met with the blessing of Almighty God. We enter into an abundant feast! Choose to believe today that even your weakest yet sincere efforts will be met, sustained, and multiplied by His grace! Bring what you have, simple as it may be and offer to the Lord, trusting that He will receive it and multiply it in ways you cannot possibly imagine.

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