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We all have a different story written out for us by our Heavenly Father. Each one of them are unique in its own way. An analogy that comes to mind is the painting by the greatest artist, in Heaven and on Earth, on the canvas of time. In it we’ve all been given the privilege to be a part of this piece called Life of my children on Earth that our Heavenly Father has sketched out. And the beauty of it, is that it’s a live painting continuing to be drawn out through the Earth’s timeline in which each of us have a different color, shade and shapes to contribute to that grand masterpiece through the ages.

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In it, you might be a Joseph who had to be reject, falsely accused, be forgotten, hopes crushed and then finally redeemed to be a redemption for those that hurt him. You might be a Moses, who lived a life a privilege, choose to fight for what’s right his own way, getting him cast out by the community he called his own, abandoned in the desert, feeling all alone and forsaken, losing all confidence in his life and himself to finally being called back by grace to be a Messiah and lead the greatest exodus in time (this time, God’s way).

You might even have a story similar to Daniel, David, Samuel, Elijah, or even Lazarus. These great characters were all a part of that grand painting masterpiece. Painted with a different brush stroke, but saying the same story – All about the grace of God, HIS faithfulness, HIS Glory, unconditional Love, and ever flowing mercy. As you all know, while the master artist starts or continues to work on that painting, each brush stroke and lines might not all make sense us know. But while we progress closer to the completion of that painting, all of those lines, shades, colors and shapes together start to makes and project it’s beautiful and glory.

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Never forget who you are, and the painting you’re a part of in this journey called life. No matter what you’re going through or what you will go through, always remember to play your part for the Glory of God. Every stroke, every touch, every move you make, every decision you take, has an impact on that masterpiece.

He called you all with a purpose and a plan, remind yourself (your soul) to stay that course till the very end because when that painting is done and you get to see it’s grand exhibition, you’ll understand the meaning behind every pain and suffering, every rejection and acceptance, every sorrow and joy, every loneliness and fulfilment, every failure and every accomplishments.

So don’t ever give up, no matter how glim things might seem. But rather make sure you deliver the best color to that painting and make our artist proud of HIS creation.

Benoy j Thomas


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