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Psalm 23 is one of our most favourite psalm studied by us right from childhood,recited by us in every phase of life and one that gives us the maximum comfort and assurance.David saw the Lord as his own Shepherd.He knew what being a shepherd meant.How much do we consider our Jesus as our Shepherd?
The shepherd has many responsibilities that he discharges very dutifully towards his sheep.He doesn’t consider it as a burden but does it all out of love.Whatever the situation,he is always there for them.

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As written in the 1st verse:”The Lord is my shepherd,I shall not want.”
We shall not be in want or lack anything when our LORD is our Shepherd,It doesn’t mean that our resources will not be depleted or that we have Everything without any shortage or that we will obtain All that we desire.
It means that no matter what,if He is our Shepherd,then we will not want.If we are in dire straits physically,mentally or spiritually,He will provide us His Provision,peace,grace,mercy,compassion and love.We will feel a great calmness even when we go through lack of resources.We are convinced that He will get us through.
Our Shepherd will lead us through all kinds of paths. Verses 2 and 3:”He makes me lie down in green pastures,he leads me beside quiet waters.”
They might not always be sunny or smooth.Even when the terrain is rough,He guides us and shows us how to go about it.He has gone that way before or even if He hasn’t He has confidence that He will let us reach the other side.
And if one of us ,His sheep is wounded or hurt,He will leave all the other sheep in His flock and take us on His shoulder.He will see to it that we get healed.
Verse 4:”Even though I walk through the darkest valley,I will fear no evil,for you are with me;”

We need not fear anything when we go through different valleys of life like death,distress,disappointment,disease,despondence or dilemmas.The reason being,Our Lord is with us.His Presence alleviates or removes the fierceness of fear.Life is full of ups and downs.But our journey through life will be smooth if we make Him our Shepherd for life.We have to consider Him as the sole guide of our life and not try to do things by ourselves.If we do,then at times He will chasten us ,as He knows that we will fall down into some pit or danger.We can come out Only with His help.Along with His gentle leading ,He uses strict discipline too.
Verse 4:”Your rod and Your staff,they comfort me.”Let us make this Shepherd “My” Shepherd.and choose to follow Him as He knows us by name and understands all our needs.Even though there might be many in His flock,He knows us personally and will carry us through till He comes and takes us to His Eternal Home.

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Sis.Reena R achel George


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