Article: Lone, Alone in all this ,till eternity | San Mathew, Canada

When you go through the misery of the people around ,you usually sympathize or empathize. This doesn’t help much as it turns out to be mere words expelled out of mouth. Painful enough to see that some people’s choice of words to sympathize with you just makes you feel like your agony is doubled as like as Job.Some body comes your way just to explain all the potential troubles so that your misery could get you into. Soon enough this situation leaves you to the realization that the trouble is just there for you to face as an individual. There is no way out but to face it inch by inch and part by part.

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When you are married, your spouse and kids look up-to you as to what can you deliver to us? An employer continually monitors what an employee can deliver for the company ! A doctor curiously waits to see how the patient recovers following his instruction. We are surrounded by experts and dear ones .But ,we go though our life experience on an individual basis.

In my late teen I had a painful swelling in my body which didn’t seek medical attention ,thinking that it will go away on itself and I wanted to keep it within myself. One night the pain was so unbearable that I screamed and came out of my room asking my parents to take me to hospital .A surgery was performed in the same night. It took weeks to recover .But,it stirred up my thought that I only suffered ,for myself all alone in that pain ,starting from initiation of swelling to healing after surgery.No one else could share it!Yes,it is for you too!You ,yourself have to bear it alone..even in your loneliness!

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We might have family and friends who care about us .But,they don’t walk our way. When you share your pain,you do realize that the best they can do is to steer clear you towards God and his words. These lone, alone moments are critical in deciding where our future would be. Our life is shaped from the decisions and conclusions we take out of these situations.

Alone moments,the loneliness brings questions about self realization. Those moments make you to raise question “what is my future if I continue like this?”. A depressed,distressed,deprived, Judas who committed suicide after betraying Jesus. Prophet Ahithophel hanged himself after betraying David. Zimri set the royal palace on fire and died in flames ,after the military defeat.

On the other side we have JESUS who spent the whole night in PRAYER . Later on ,we see that JESUS while being Son of God,without exercising His Devine Power,for Himself, found in the fashion of a man ,HUMBLED himself and became OBEDIENT and SUFFERED the cross in the world ,fulfilled all his duties saving entire mankind by his death on cross.

We see Elijah running into the wilderness to hide under a shrub and saying “Now Oh Lord !take my life, I am no better than my ancestors”. We see that story takes a turn when God sends an angelic messenger to deliver hot meals and asking him why are you hiding here? Elijah was strengthened with the food and he runs forty days straight to horeb, where instead of appearing in a burning bush as did to Moses , Elijah hears God whispering to him. Eventually ,we see God delivering a personal plan to Elijah to face his miseries and aligns his life to God’s will. A desperate lonely dangerous thought invokes a possibility of counterproductive and self harming moment.Instead of aggravating your destructive thoughts ,if at all tuned into God’s words ,it turns into a glorious moment where you get strengthened ,reminded of your anointing and Devine calling for his will. Thus the thoughts of despair replaces with plans of success coming your way.
A Paradigm change!

Living far abroad from my native country got me worried ,thinking if there is a death back home, of one of my loved ones I won’t be able to take the pain and to run my reminder life. I have seen first hand, children who mourn their parents death because they couldn’t fulfill their duties and responsibilities as son or daughter. Death creates a vacuum and leaves room for more lonely desperate moments. I often asked God to strengthen me and prepare me for that. Later on, God made me walk through a look alike situation where he showed me that those moments you are supposed to tune into God to get his comfort and healing first hand.

God loves each one of us. He gives us immense opportunity and wake up calls to serve his kingdom. Mathew 8:22 says “Follow me, Let the dead bury the dead”. There are situations like that happen in our life in which God Says “ Follow me, I want to make you fishers of men” Are we postponing that call or are we accepting that call to leave everything to follow him ! In fact, this lone alone situations, the communion with God should result in surrender to Almighty and his will, to be prepared for eternity. As bible truly means we need to move on from consuming baby milk to solid food. It is a slow process but designed to be that way.

My dear fellow pilgrims in Christ, the glorious truth is ,we are never alone in this till eternity. Mathew 28:20 says “And behold I am with you always, to the end of the age”. God reminds Joshua saying “ Have I not commanded you,Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord is with you wherever you go. Jesus bore our sins on cross and was alone in the cross, but rose up victoriously, which should serve us like pinnacle of all experiences.

Friends ,our situations are constantly preparing us for eternity. Be it good or bad, happy or sad, our life is molded into his likeness to be used for multitudes. May God bless each one of us to seek God more closely to develop Christ like character. Let God assist us to be inspired and to be an inspiration to serve others for the glory of God. Remember ,God uses our miseries and loneliness to consume all dirt and impurities in us and to prepare to take us into the home ,above the blue skies to spend eternity with him. Let’s s all press on to win the prize for which God has called, ignoring all pains, making sacrifices and counting it all joy in him till our roll is called up yonder into eternity.

San Mathew


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