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Article: Today’s pain and its connection with eternity ! | San Mathew, Canada

Once you get to know your God and the desire to have fellowship with God until eternity ,will overpower all other desires. As you take the baby steps to know him ,his will and to understand your role in this world during your life span shall motivate you to work for him. You leave everything to follow God and the boat sails forward from the shore into the mid sea.

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Halfway through the sail, you face strong winds which makes you to look behind to realize that you have traveled thus far on your own. You forget by then that it was God who was the propelling force behind your success thus far, and you fail in that mid ocean. This is the dark time Satan uses to whisper you in your ears that you are finished and there is no path forward. He shows you how easily everything can be destroyed and how helpless you are. He convinces you that what ever you build in your whole life can be vanished in minutes. A grip of reality check occurs at that time and when you think on worldly terms the gush of pain and fear overpowers you. The fear can weaken you, shake your core and paralyze you without letting you move forward. This creates a wide roller coaster of anger, resentment and even doubt in everything.

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There was a point in my life where I had to quit a job that I did not like very much because of manifold reasons. I delayed the decision as I wasn’t sure where I would be financially ,if I left that. Every now and then, when I drive back home I used to pray that God help me to quit this job and move on into another one. I remember one evening driving back into the parking lot I asked God “How else would I pray that you might help me to get out of this job”? Haven’t I prayed enough? God answered me instantly that it is “me myself” being not ready to go through a roller coaster of emotions and refusing to wait in darkness for God until his time to open new doors. I lifted my hands from steering wheel immediately and said to God I am ready !! I trust you enough to move on. I asked a few of my close family and friends to pray for me on that matter. Everyone that I requested to pray confirmed Gods will to quit the job and move on. I gained confidence to resign from the job I was not happy with for a long time. Following weeks and month were emotionally and financially troublesome but God guided me through to keep my sanity. This was one of the remarkable experience where God taught me to walk in dark holding his hand and to wait on him.

After that incident when ever I pray for something I know I have to be prepared to go according to his way for which the path may not be full of roses, but at the end God will be in our life. It might be a series of unlikable events in utter darkness and involves a gruel some waiting time till God resolves the issues in the way he likes.

Friends, mid sea is where the faith needs to arise. This is the place where you have to remember ,everything else might tumble and collapse, but the trust in God and his word should remain. Abraham known as the father of faith was asked to give his only son as a sacrifice to God. It was one of the unique situations which calls you to prioritize who would you rather be with, with God the creator of universe or be with the world with all that God gave you. I do not recall reading that Abraham was in emotional stress and fasted for weeks to ask God to reconsider his demand of sacrificing his Son. Instead Abraham acted on what God commanded to do. God did wonder and He showed alternative sacrifice and blessed his generations like stars in the sky.

Daniel and his friends were shut in the lions den by the king to be consumed by hungry lions. Daniel knew God well enough to say that he didn’t care about the outcome but he did honor God and God sent angels to shut lion’s mouth. Paul was happy to be in prison for God. Naiman was patient and believing enough to the take seven dips in the river and to get healed. Jonah tended up in a fish tummy for three night and day for not completely obeying God and he took a painful route to understand Gods work from them.

Mid ocean is where you try everything and nothing works. All your knowledge fails, all your contacts turn worthless and your life puts you on complete standstill confused and in utter darkness. That is the point where tears of helplessness flows out of you, leaving you in complete despair to the point sometimes you even stop praying and trusting God. The brutal thorns of life shows up with full force and you feel like hell broke loose on you. Life pauses and it feels like its over.

As you slowly start praying and trusting God to pour out your heart to God, He reminds you of all the past ways of his wonder works, promises. His mercy, his love , his gratefulness, his faithfulness. Let your trust in him arise and you get to see his miraculous way of taking you out of the mid sea.

Manifold such incidents in life strengthens your journey with God to know him better day by day and to taste and see that the Lord is good. One day when your life on earth is over and your name is called up to reach heaven you will realize with tears of joy that it was those silent lonely moments of grief, pain and trouble in life secured your path to eternity.

Dear reader if you are in such situation I urge you strongly this is your call, your chance, your time. Throw your hands towards heaven and say I believe you and in you alone. I leave all my traditions, past and resistance in obeying your word. I am ready to walk through this pain and darkness by holding your hand walking into eternity. I leave you with this words what my dad gave to me “ My son whatever you do in life, do not loose your eternity and let nothing stop you from spending your eternal life with God for which you were created for”. Let God help you all through the dark paths full of thorns into his eternity that he reserved for all of us. Amen.

San Mathew, Canada



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