Article : A Precious Stone are you, don’t give up in life |Sheeba Robinson , Nagpur

Greetings and peace to you, I’m pretty sure that you are aware and ready for the battle, which is happening or going to happen within us; if not ready yet, please don’t waste time and get ready. In no way we can predict how and from where the enemy attacks!

​I’m deeply saddened by the things happening among people all around the world. Especially what’s happening among the teenagers and the youths.

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​I never thought of writing something like this, but some of the incidents from the past few days and an urge within me made me to write this.

​Whoever is reading this, I would like to ask you that, Have you ever thought about why are you living in this world? Why are you still existing when so many others are dying day by day? Do you have any value for your life? How can you ever think of destroying your life, which never came into existence with your knowledge and permission? Do you think you have any authority to take your own life and kill yourself? Have you ever thought of why you were not born 100 years or 1000 years ago, just why in this century you are here? BECAUSE IT’S NOT YOU, WHO DECIDE ABOUT YOUR BIRTH.

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​SOMEONE HIGHER than everything, the CREATOR of this creation – HE IS GOD, Who governs all the planets of this universe, all the seasons, all the birds, animals, each and everything and every human who had existed or those who still exist in the cosmos, which you can see or cannot see.

​But if you are here and reading this letter, I would like to tell you, that never ever consider your life is of NO VALUE.
​YOU are also a part of this creation, even if you AGREE or DISAGREE; it’s not going to CHANGE.

​If you write a list of things God has blessed you with, you will end up writing hundreds of pages.., but who does that? No one even thinks or tries to do this.. instead from the time you get up from the bed, you start complaining, ohh why this is like this? Why my life is like this? Why everyone is blaming me? Why I can’t do it? Why this is not happening even after I’m giving my best? Why this pain or this disease happened to me? And many other small or big things of why? Why? and why? This list of whys and whats will never end…

​These are called NEGATIVE THOUGHTS, which come out of your mouth and become NEGATIVE WORDS. And you start living in this house of NEGATIVITY, made by your own thoughts. In this situation, even if you are surrounded by many loving and caring people, still you will be feeling all alone, not feeling to talk to anyone, no laughing, always having a kind of fear, you fail to see and feel anything good happening around you. If you are going through all these. Then be ALARMED..! because DEATH is knocking at your door in the name of DEPRESSION or ANXIETY or FEAR. These are not at all diseases, but the state of a person’s mind full of negativity.

​In between all these complaints, a person forgets to remember or thank God, for everything He’s given in his/her life, without them even asking for it, which is the biggest mistake that they do against the Creator, Who deserves all the glory, praise and thanks. Okay, let me ask you, when was the last time you thanked God for each and every breath you inhale? Or for the beautiful gift of your life? You know the answer..

​I’m telling you the truth, don’t try to run away from this, instead be bold and deal with it one by one. It’s very easy to give up on life, without trying hard to get out of that situation. But let me assure you that, you can do it! You are brave! Nothing is impossible for the one who tries to take steps one by one courageously.

​Try to get out of this. It’s completely in your hands to change your mindset and start to live in positivity and happiness. I have a humble request to you, please don’t continue to live in this oblivion condition. This will make your life hell and at the end it will drag you to death.
​If you will ask me, why I should believe what you are saying, then my dear friend, I have something very interesting thing to tell you. Your words have power of life and death in it. If you keep saying good things for yourself and appreciating yourself for the things you do. If you praise and thank yourself for doing things in a good way. If you smile at yourself when looking in the mirror. If you love and respect yourself for all that you are. If you thank God for everything you have. If you forgive yourself for making any mistake, and not keeping any regret inside you.
Then what do you think, will you not see your life blooming or flourishing? How will this happen? It’s just the result of your positive words, which you’ll use for yourself.

​Just ask yourself, why God has blessed you with mouth and a beautiful voice? Are these just to eat your food and gossiping about others? No.. God has blessed you with this to speak good things about yourself and others as well. Don’t use the gift of God to speak bad things about yourself and others.

​One more important thing I would like you to keep in your mind always – Never ever try to take your own life by killing yourself. That’s not the solution to any of your problems. Be assured that, AFTER DEATH YOU WILL NEVER END UP IN A BETTER PLACE, if you destroy your life by killing yourself. If you think that by doing so, you will get rid of all your problems at once. But my dear friend, alas! you’re getting wrong here. Even if you are so beautiful and well qualified, and you take such an extreme step, you are breaking God’s command of destroying His gift of life. Please don’t run away from your problems. But sit calmly and think; how to get rid of your problems and boldly do it. Take other’s help if needed. Don’t think what will people think about you, if you tell them. No.. Don’t worry about all these rubbish things. Just go ahead and make things right, when you are still alive!

​Your life is so precious. You are GOD’S masterpiece and unique as well. HE created you in HIS own image. You are not alone! GOD loves you and HE cares for you. Just believe that you are not existing in this world for nothing. HE has great plans and purposes for your life. When you understand this reality and try to come out of this negative situation, you will surely be successful in coming out of this mess and finally, you will come out of this in a better way, as a better person, with a lot of experiences. At this point, it will be your responsibility, to tell the world that no one should think of destroying God’s gift of life.

​Dear Parents, humbly I request you, please take an extra effort to communicate openly with your children or nephews or nieces. Leave all your traditional cultures of not talking openly with your children about all the important issues of life. They will not learn all these things themselves before they reach a certain age but you have to make them understand-

# The reality and the value of life at their very tender age.
# The importance of taking right decisions and the consequences of taking wrong decisions at any age without involving the parents/elders.
# God has not given people any authority to kill themselves. This is God’s beautiful gift of life, which no one should destroy.
This will cost you nothing. One good thing it’ll do is, it’ll create a strong and beautiful bonding and trust between you and your children. They will always thank you for taking such extra effort for them.

​Dear People, I would like to address one more important issue with you all- which is, please never use abusive words for yourself and your spouse in front of your children and even not for your children. Because as I said earlier, your words are powerful and have more power than deadly weapons when pronounced in a negative way. I can give you some examples, in anger or anguish, you might say, “ohh! I wish I would’ve died. Why I’m still alive?” Abusing your spouse in anger. Or even if your kids are very young, when they disobey you or make any mistake, you shout at them- “you are good for nothing. You can’t do anything good in your life.” ALL THESE KINDS OF NEGATIVE WORDS SPOKEN BY YOU FOR YOURSELF, FOR YOUR SPOUSE OR FOR YOUR CHILDREN, WILL SURELY COME TO PASS IN YOURS AND THEIR LIVES SOONER OR LATER. It’ll make you and them too, to take wrong steps in life. Be assured of this truth and so be careful while using your words.

​You have no choice apart from this, because they are killing themselves at their tender age of 11- 14, not even aware of what they are doing. This becomes a great loss for the family and world as well. They are here to become great people and fulfill their great destinies. Please do spend less money for them now, but spend more time with them talking and discussing about the realities of life religiously. “Tell them over and over again to never give up, but keep moving forward with courage and faith; that no matter for whatever wrong or mistake happens in life.”

​Dear all, I would like to appreciate you for taking your precious time to go through this. I hope you understand the pain of the parents, who go through this tough time of losing their children, when they take this kind of drastic step in their lives. Please don’t ignore this issue.

Sheeba Robinson


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