English article:A hated name I wonder whether to believe or not believe | Pastor. Stanley E S, Navi Mumbai

Jesus -. to some in his generation, was the Carpenter Joseph’s “adopted ” son or he was someone who’s father is unknown… a vine biber… a blasphemer… a magician or sorcerer… a deceiver… a friend of tax collectors and sinners…

Still to some he was one of a prophet.. a man who did what he said.. a good teacher… John the Baptist… one that leading people astray… one that restrict people from paying taxes to Roman govt… one who claimed to be the king, Son of God, destroyer of the temple of Jew’s, messiah… a leader who gathered some young men and women who ditched him when he needed them desperately… somebody who claimed great things but who couldn’t save himself… somebody whom, even abandoned by God Himself… a failed leader whose team member did suicide… a deceiver whose disciples stole his body..

In this generation to some.. he is an Egyptian myth.. one who doesn’t have any historical proof of life, birth, so on… an Egyptian god Horus…..

I wonder…

…still why all disciples of (this deceiver, liar, blasphemer, myth).. Jesus gave their life willfully for a lie..?
….why people were jailed, killed, mocked, rediculed… for believing this lie?
…how a cruel, wicked, hated, ugly, unclean natured.. rejected, empty, abandoned, lonely lives get transformed.., receiving hope, security, acceptance, significance, by believing this lies???

… what’s the mystery???
…who went wrong???
Jesus? Me??? People???world??



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