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An amazing spiritual experience of the two disciples on their way to Emmaus is narrated in Luke 24: 13-35. In fact, the disciples had an encounter with Jesus Christ

on the road to Emmaus.

On the day of resurrection of Jesus Christ, two of the disciples were going to a village called Emmaus. They were disappointed because they expected that Jesus Christ would redeem Israel and Jesus Christ was crucified and on top of that, it was the third day after his death. Even though, they heard that Jesus Christ was not found in the tomb and he is alive from some of the women who had vision of angels , but still they could not believe it.

Furthermore, the disciples were disturbed because of the departure of Jesus and were discussing about these matters. As they were sharing their feelings about Jesus Christ, Jesus himself came up and walked along with them; but they did not recognise him. Jesus asked them, ‘ what are you discussing’? Cleopas, the disciple thinking that Jesus was a visitor to Jerusalem was surprised that why he had never heard about Jesus Christ. The disciples explained to the stranger that they experienced Jesus’ ministry and he was prophet and powerful in word and deed before God and all the people. At the same time, they poured out their sorrows of Jesus’ crucifixion and they expressed their hopelessness because Jesus died.

What more? They denied the fact that Jesus resurrected. It appeared to them as an unbelievable story when they heard from their friends. Accordingly, too many questions were unanswered in their mind. For instance, Is it possible for Jesus to come back to life? Did our friends see a vision? Are they trying to fool us? Jesus Christ understood their perplexed situation and decided to have an encounter with the disciples. Jesus Christ knew that the disciples loved him and had great expectations in him. Jesus never disappoints anyone who put their hope in him. He will definitely have an encounter with the people who desires for him.

In fact, Jesus revealed the truths about himself through the scriptures to the disciples and gave answers to their questions through the scriptures .The disciples invited Jesus to stay with them wholeheartedly. Jesus had a meal with them and as he gave the bread to the disciples, their eyes were opened and they recognised him and Jesus disappeared.

Finally, Jesus turned their painful situation to joy. Their unbelief turned into great faith in Jesus Christ. They found light in the darkest circumstance of their life.

Accordingly, they heard his voice with their own ears, walked closely with him and ate with him and they saw him with their own eyes and ultimately recognized Jesus

Christ. What a marvellous experience?

In conclusion, it is important for any person to have an encounter with Jesus Christ in your Christian life. Certainly, Jesus listens to your conversations. He is interested in your spiritual discussions. He is there to reveal the truths in the scriptures which can burn your hearts and remove your confusions. When you invite Jesus to your life, he will come and dine with you. In addition, he will give you the bread of life that opens your spiritual eyes and that gives you wisdom and understanding to recognise Jesus.

Today’s thoughts……………

Have you ever walked with Jesus? Have a spiritual encounter with Jesus Christ which will make you a true and strong Christian. Do not miss the opportunity to walk , talk , listen and recognise Jesus Christ. Start it today if you have never met him. There is nothing more beautiful than that………



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