Jesus said, ‘Peace’ I leave with you. My peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives.’ JOHN 14:27

Before I had personal relationship with Jesus Christ, when I was a nominal christian, the difference between ‘the peace of Christ’ and the peace which world offers had often puzzled me. But this was easily solved after Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit came to abide in me.

In the system of the world, our living conditions and the situations which we face in our lives determine whether we have peace or not. If we are passing through turbulent times and the living conditions are all adverse against us, we can never experience peace in our lives.

But the Peace of Christ is just the opposite. You make peace with God first and an inner healing takes place and your soul is set free from the chains of darkness and all earthly burden. ‘Divine peace’ dwells in your heart and you completely submit yourself to the sovereignty of the Almighty. You now know you are safe in HIS hands and it’s He who decides everything for you as you have surrendered your body,soul and spirit to HIS absolute Lordship and HIS plan is ‘the best plan’ for you. Thus we always have peace no matter what all things happen in our lives.

Then there is a spontaneous overflow of this peace from us to others which pacifies, comforts and leads others to the One and Only Living God. Only a person who has peace ‘within’ can impart it to others.




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