Aquila & Priscilla – A role model family

Aquila & Priscilla expelled from Roman Empire Claudius Cesar because they are Jews. That family moved to Corinth from Italy due to above decree. Acts 18:1 It was the hardest life experience to leave everything behind which hardly earned in a lifetime and depart to another country as stranger just to save lives. They compelled to leave their beautiful home, things, business, relatives, friends, everything they had in the city of Italy, the world capital of that ancient culture. Aquillas and Priscilla moved to Corinth and found a place to settle down. Paul during his 2nd Missionary Journey, met them there and adjusted to stay with that lonely family’s tent with limited resources. They were poor and hardly earned lively hood by making tents. Tent was needed by everyone those who were expelled from Roman Empire. Paul shared his skills to make tent with that family to meet their daily needs. Paul shared gospel with that family and they became strong in faith in Jesus. They become bold enough to teach the truth about Jesus and Salvation thru faith and anointing of Holyspirit. After Paul left Corinth, they heard a preaching of Apollos, a disciple of Baptist John and eminent preacher and apologist of that decade. While hearing the speech, this family noticed the incompleteness of the message as he was not aware of Jesus or his sacrificial death for the remission of sins to the whole world. Apollos preached only about the need of repentance and turn to God. This couple called Apollos to their home and shared about Jesus and the basic doctrines of New Testament church. Thereafter Apollos started to preach about the gospel among gentiles, as he leaned it from Aquillas and Priscilla. Paul had been to Ephesus, Acts 18:19. But Paul was in a hurry to get back to report to the rest of the church what God was doing through his ministry so he left quickly, promising to return to Ephesus if God willed (18:21). Paul left two strong believers there at Ephesus to continue the work, a couple, Priscilla and Aquila. Paul returned about a year later. I Corinthians 16:19 we again see this wonderful couple and their church which became renowned in the region by that time. What a privilege. Once, they faced hardship in their life and tearfully left Italy. They might thought that how cruel is our God, why he is allowing to happen such tragedies in our life. But later… at the end, they understood, everything altogether working out for good, to his chosen ones. God used Aquillas and Priscilla to save many souls thru their life, and made eternal home (not worldly tents) in heaven. Amen Pastor K.K Shaji Email:



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