“Even in His own land and among His own people, He was not accepted” (John 1:11).
Although Christ Jesus created the world, His own creation didn’t recognize Him (John.1:10). Even the people chosen by God Almighty to prepare the rest of the people of that world for their Messiah, rejected Him (John.1:11), although the entire Old Testament pointed to the incarnation of Christ.

I was in Bombay City for two years (1980 – 1981), if you are not able to live the mechanical life of Bombay, very soon the Bombay City will tell you, ”Hay, get out of this place soon!” You have to depart, no other choice.

When we decided to settle in Kerala after completing three months (after the marriage of our first daughter—Achsah), we thought that people of our own language, our own land, our own culture, our own relatives may so friendly and we can mingle with them very easily and it is easy for them also to accept us.

After twenty months here in “God’s own country” we realised that it is very much challenging for you to live with your own people for a number of reasons.

In the social perspective, whether, you are a Catholic, i Jacobite , Orthodox, Marthomite ,Evangelical or Pentecostal you can be a minister in Christian society. If you have an ‘interdenominational approach , it is very difficult for the people of Kerala to accept you.

Unforunately, here in Kerala, the different denominations present Christ according to their church doctrine rather than the Christ Jesus of our Holy Book.

We were not at all wasted our time (33 months). We expand His kingdom as much as we can with 33 months for His glory.




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