Article: Fallen, Is there Hope? | Jeresh Francis, Canada

We are in a world of utter chaos. The world we are now in looks a lot different from what it used to be a year ago. Things are moving so rapidly, that some of us find it difficult to keep track of the pace. Our world is enduring so much pain and suffering that it hasn’t seen since in its history. We all have reached a new level of endurance in our lives. A lot of people today stay isolated in their own world. The human relationship, which most of us cherished, has depleted, even the smallest error that is made is hard for us to accept. We feel that the person who did us wrong doesn’t deserve a second chance.

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God in His uniqueness found a way to reach us. Even though we fail and feel worthless in our eyes, God being our creator doesn’t throw us away. When we were children and fell in the dirt, our parents did not forsake us; instead, they took us home, cleaned us, and treated our wounds. God also does not reject us solely because of our past transgressions. He reaches out to us and adores us and is ready to forgive us. Let’s consider Samson, the great and mighty man of God. In the years of misery at the hands of the Philistines, God gave Samson as a liberator to the Nation of Israel for their redemption. God anointed Samson and separated him from the other people in his nation with strict instructions and guidelines (Judges 13:4,5,7). But as we normally say ‘with great power comes great responsibility’ he was assigned to be a judge to the nation which was struggling to keep afloat. He, without realising his responsibility was carried away by pride and attention. Samson, who was considered unconquerable, was shattered when he exposed his shield of commitment to God. Sometimes in our lives, we are chosen and selected to be brand ambassadors of the heavenly realm. But sometimes in our pilgrimage, we are overcome by the aberration that is around us. We tend to diverge from our goals and call to a path that leads to futility.

Samson set out on a journey to destroy the oppressors but was caught up with the things that not only restricted his freedom but also led to his ultimatum. But even through all his endeavours God was still faithful and as he prayed “Lord please strengthen me once more…” (Judges 16:28), God gave him his greatest victory. We all have faltered in our walk of faith at some point of time, there are numerous examples in the Bible but one example that stands out is David. David being the king of Israel committed the biggest transgression by killing one of his subordinates but God in his greatest compassion forgave him and called him ‘a man after his own heart’ when he was ready to accept his errors and turn back to God. Sometimes we ask ‘God can you really forgive me?’ God in all his lovingness reaches out with utmost humility and compassion, as the prodigal son’s father came out with outstretched arms. The main reasoning behind God’s compassion is your contrite heart and your eagerness to turn back to him with sincere commitment. There is a beautiful hymn that summarises it all by Joseph C. Fisher

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1. There’s a fountain opened in the house of God,
Where the vilest of sinners may go,
And all test the power of the crimson flood,
Of the blood that makes whiter than snow.
Praise the Lord, I am washed
In the all-cleansing blood of the Lamb,
And my robes are whiter than the driven snow,
I am washed in the blood of the Lamb.

2. When that fount was opened in the Savior’s side,
How the thief did rejoice in that day!
And when dying, “Lord, remember me,” he cried,
Oh, the blood washed his sins all away.
“Will you come and reason,” saith the Lord, “with Me;
Though your sins red like crimson do glow,
And if dyed with scarlet stains your heart may be,
I will make it as white as the snow.”

Jeresh Francis



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