QUICK BITE: A palm in the desert | Roshan Benzy George

“The righteous shall flourish like a palm tree….” (Psalms 92: 12)


This verse compares a righteous person to a palm tree. Most of us are aware of this as a simile that describes strength and growth, but how many of us know the rate at which the palm grows?

The palm is a perennial tree that grows even in the harshest climates. So, it is indeed an example of growth. But the rate at which it grows is quite slow. In fact, a palm tree can take a decade to reach its full-grown state, which is relatively slower than most of the trees. However, it is a kind of tree that can withstand even severe droughts. When all the plants around it wither, it thrives well. Yes, this is the comparison that the Word of God is giving for a righteous person. The growth of a righteous person can be relatively slower than others (maybe because of not going after unjust gains), but he/she is the kind of person who can withstand even severe trials in human life when everyone around them goes dry. It is because they take their living water from Jesus Christ, the Author of life.

There are times we all feel stagnant, and we become discouraged thinking of the lack of advancement in our lives. But if we are righteous, and we draw water from Jesus Christ, we will flourish like the palm. So, instead of drying amidst the tests of life, we will “still bear fruit in old age and will stay fresh and green” (Psalms 92:14).



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