Article: Trust and Leap for Joy | San Mathew, Canada

In my late teens, God turned down a series of career-related prayer requests. I felt frustrated, embarrassed and depressed, and my mind waged a battle to understand God’s work. Recollecting those dark valley-like moments, I can confirm that God consoled me with his rod and staff. In my isolation, I had let him take control of my ship through uncharted waters, and that experience enforced my trust in him. I realized that His grace, love and mercy is solid towards us.

Scientists have proven that humans choose to trust based on face, appearance, and reputation. Thus, trust is defined as the firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability and strength of someone or something. Likewise, the Word of God (reading the Bible) familiarizes us with the face, appearance, and reputation of God. However, it must be noted that God trusted Adam and Eve, but they failed to reciprocate. But later, God’s trust and this agape (unconditional love) were displayed in the incarnated crucified Christ.

Reflecting this scenario to our case: we love Jesus, follow His commandments, and trust in His name to pass through the dark gates of death into heavenly eternity with Christ. That is why it is said that pure trust blooms faith and deprives fear. And when the human spirit is in unity with the Spirit of God in trust and obedience, a new creation beneficial for the public good happens. Moreover, the trust in the Almighty is mutual in nature where God changes a person’s story into history. In the account of Moses, David, and Abraham, they trusted God, and God entrusted and anointed them as leaders. In the New Testament, the apostle John saw revelations of the future, when he was in physical isolation and danger – but his spirit was in perfect harmony with God’s Spirit.

The majority of our worries relate to this passing momentary time, the time when our spirit resides in the body. But the focus should be given to eternity because man does not belong to the earth, but is an eternal being. So, our senses ought to be trained daily to be connected, to understand and to follow Christ – or in other words, ‘to be in perfect love with our Saviour’. Failing to do so will make our spot in eternal hell. Let not the devil deceive us and manipulate us by showing the riches or by projecting the chaos of our momentary life.

Finally, let the Word of God enforce our trust and enable us to experience His power and glory by keeping heavenly eternity as our focus, and by removing every earthly temporary focus, fear, pain, and agony. Let the knowledge of His Word and power bring praises, and cause us to leap for joy in our troubles, for we have a blessed eternity in Christ.


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