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Out of the five sense organs eye has a major role. It signifies things in its originality and clarity in comparison to the rest. And this is the reason why most of the things are projected in the form of videos, pictures etc. nowadays. Coming to the scriptural aspect it could be totally viewed in a different form. There is lot of difference between God’s vision and human’s vision. Perfection is the aspect determining Almighty’s vision.

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Look at heart is the first criteria included. 1 Samuel :16 :7 says, For the Lord does not see as man sees; for man looks at the outward apperance, but the Lord looks at the heart. The background behind this is very much familiar. When God sent Samuel to Jesse’s home, the anointing to become second king of Israel fell on David’s head- the youngest son ,a shepherd with no qualifications in human eyes not even in Jesse’s vision. God didn’t see strength and manpower. If ever it was the case the first three sons who were in army would have been selected. During the ministry of Jesus there were lot of scribes and Pharisees who made the commandment of God of no effect through their tradition and these were termed as hypocrites. Jesus addressed them as white washed tombs, blind guides, serpents, brood of vipers. They appeared outwardly righteous to men but inside were full of hypocrisy and lawlessness, they honoured God with their lips but their heart was far from him. They tried to test Jesus in order to accuse him, in order to catch in him in words but he understood the intentions of their hearts. Even now God weighs our hearts. We can hide many things from the sight of men but never from the creator’s eyes. So the man of God says, Where can I go from Your Spirit? Or where can I flee from your presence(Psa:139:.7). The Lord understands our thoughts afar off.

Compassionate look is the another criteria. All that today we claim of our own is just due to our Master’s- the good Samaritan’s compassionate look on us. The redemption that we obtained not with corruptible things like silver or gold but with the precious blood of Christ- a lamb without blemish and spot, the salvation, the grace, the access to Father, the hope of eternal life etc. is also included in it. God clothes the grass in the field which today is, and tomorrow is thrown into the oven, he gives food to the young ravens that cry, heals sick, gives life to the dead, forgives sins and much more. Are not all these a part of his compassionate look?

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So we need not worry about things happening now or going to happen in our life ahead. The reason is apt because we serve the Lord who shows no partiality. His vision is perfect much beyond our expectations and imaginations. Since he watches everything he will provide a way of escape. Let’s completely submit ourselves to his will and may he lead us in the path of righteousness. God bless all.

Gladys Biju George


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