Article: CERTAIN SILENCES | Mariya Vettickal, Kothamangalam

Surrender your anxiety, be still and stop this striving ,and you will see that I am God (Psalms 46:10).Stretching your faith is when your striving reaches its limit .And you will start living beyond the striving by simply trusting him, not asking or doubting about tomorrows.
Faith is a relationship .It’s not just a matter of what you believe, but it’s a matter of whom you trust. We are often busy writing our story and planning our lives, in between we pause, we get confused, and expect God to show up to complete the lives we have started .But God is actually way for us to put a full stop to the plans we have. He is waiting to start a whole new chapter in our life, once we put full stops to our lines.
Trusting Him after a full stop is stretching your faith. Faith was when Abraham believed in God to bless him with a child, even after understanding the practical situation. And he was blessed after a long years of waiting. But stretching of his faith was when God asked Abraham to sacrifice his only son who God’s promise to him.

We are often satisfied with the faith we have. But God allows certain silences in our lives that He stretches our faith a little more. Trusting Him in the fourth watch of night and the waves are raging over, the master in our boat is sleeping, is when we start stretching our faith. It is then that we learn to trust and remain silent, comprehending our master’s silence.
Trusting Him during the four days of silence when Jesus didn’t come, to meet or do a miracle for Lazarus was when Martha and Mary witnessed, the supernatural.
God is a God who strategies the silence He shows. We may feel like He is hiding His face, He is silent, and the current situation is just the opposite of the promises we have got, but trusting Him and His power even in the valley of dry bones and in the wilderness has been our faith elevates. And of course the one, who allow silences, equips us with special grace too.

Yes, faith is a relationship .That is not just believe Him for what He can do, but trusting Him for who He is. May God help us to become bold and after trust Him beyond our horizons, beyond our full stops and see beyond our uncertainties.

Mariya Vettickal



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