Article: PRAY FOR CHINA | Sheeba Robinson, Nagpur

Dear People of God, greetings in Jesus Christ’s name.
As I was praying this morning (4th July, 2020), God spoke to me and gave me an important message. In just a flip of a second He showed me some thing on pandemic which is currently active in the whole world.
God put a burden in my heart to think about the people of China. We can never even imagine about, that there are so many people in that country also who truly believe and live for God. They might be continuously praying for their country and for the whole world as well. In fact, those who are responsible for all these painful situations all over the world, are not the real culprits. The real culprit is satan. satan just used these people with evil intentions, they are already under his control.

God showed me the illustration about Job, comparing with the present situation. Like in Job’s story, satan thought that he would destroy everything which Job had, same way the mastermind behind these people, who wanted to cripple the world’s economy and empowering their country’s economy at this time. This shows their evil intention behind all these, and satan is now taking advantage of the situation by killing more people and destroying their souls.

The disaster that happened in Job’s household shattered his whole world, same way as the whole world is struggling with the fear and the attack of this virus now and many people are dying daily, not just by this virus. Some are struggling financially and also some are killing themselves because of various other reasons.

When Job’s friends said wrong about him, God became angry and rebuked them.
But there was one very important thing that God wanted Job to do, “FORGIVING AND PRAYING FOR HIS FRIENDS” and when Job prayed for his friends, God forgave them, and instantly God healed Job as well. And at the same time, God blessed him abundantly again in all the areas of his life. (You can read it from Job 42: 10 onwards)

God reminded me to tell everyone that no one should speak wrongly about the people of China. Instead, all of us must ask the Lord to forgive us for speaking wrong against the nation of China. And we must forgive them and pray for the people in China, for the millions of souls are yet to be saved for the Lord. When we start praying for them, God will start doing His mighty works upon the people of this world for the glory of His Name, as He did when Job prayed for his friends.

Dear People of God, kindly do consider this seriously and pray about this as the Lord guides you.

Sheeba Robinson (Nagpur)



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