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The best thing I love at an amusement park is the “Roller-Coaster ride” where the carriage/car takes you up and down, round and round – turning on steep slopes moving at very fast speed on light railway tracks. Rollercoasters have been the best attraction at any parks around the world because it gives a full rainbow emotion the very moment it starts to creep from the platform until it completes the circuit with its twists and turns giving us total excitement. What’s even more exciting is a light that flashes on your face coming from a camera installed at the fastest or the most intense part of the ride clicking the humorously distorted expressions due to fear or wind resistance. This picture is then available to be printed after the ride. People will only be shocked to see the kind of expressions that was caught on the camera during that most intense part of the ride, some may think only if I could go back and pose a little better for the click.

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Life is sometimes like the Roller-Coaster – filled with lot of twists and turns, up and downs, fast paced and slow moments, exciting and boring times, laughing and crying seasons and so on. Sometimes the carriage feels so crowded with people that we feel so suffocated, but at times we feel so lonely with no one to travel with us. In all these fast moving and changing phases of life and circumstances, have we ever paused to see and ask what expression would God see on our faces if He is to click our photograph? Of course, our expressions will be hilarious for ourselves to look at, but the good news is that God is so concerned about our every single emotion and every single expression that results from such emotions. How we handle our lives in these crazy moments is very important. Sometimes we experience God so much working in our lives that we are filled with awe at the ways He leads us, but sometimes God seems so far as if taking His place along with the spectators and we are left alone in the roller-coaster ride. The pictures that have been taken in such moments are the ones we never want to have a second look at, and we wish those moments had never come in life. But the truth is that we are all already in it and are on the move and this motion will end some day and we don’t know when.

What’s distinct for a Christ believer is the promise of Jesus to be with us until the end of the age – no matter what situations we are in or how scary the journey may seem. Just as anyone on the car would hold fast on its handles and fasten the seat belts, we can hold fast on to Him who called us to journey in the path designed for us smiling for every click.

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Pastor Jose Memana


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