Misery loves company. In fact this phrase is used tastefully to mock a dire situation where another falls into the very trouble we face. The one who coined that phrase must have been through such misery all throughout his life ,To have company of a person who is going through the very same trouble seems like a relief ,even if there is no positive outcome from that but being a Christian we know who is the greatest company we could have ,he never let’s go, The one true God,The king who choose to be a man so that you and me could be saved even though we are merely worms – he loved us dearly and didn’t stop there but went on to declare us his sons and daughters to anyone who would come to him.
When we see the story of the prodigal son, as soon as the father saw the son in a distance who was slow-pacing back in shame towards his home even though to a place he orginally belonged, the father in his first sight of his son , ran towards him in such speed and does he wait for his son to clean up and wear good clothes to hug? “even though he lived in a pigs pen”, No! He hugs him so close to his chest not caring what might happen to his robe. when he confesses his sins of his wrong doings there is a celebration that arose from that home.
To have someone with you and love you no matter who you are or where you were but the mere choice of where you want to stand makes the one who created everything, rejoice!. We have all been in that pen; grinding, grumbling and some have fallen right back into that filth and lost focus of the greatest home where we are all supposed to be in a short while.
Jesus is coming soon and he is going to reign . But everything comes down to a single choice , are you willing to love someone with all your heart,mind and soul to the one who gave up everything including the very last drop of blood for you.

Samuel john alex



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