Once there lived two friends Kim and Ray. They were very good people and liked to pray to God. One day they decided to go on a trip to an Island, they started their journey on a ship After three days they both reached the Island Kim and Ray decided to make a challenge that whose prayer was powerful or whose prayer would God listen to They both decided the Island and started praying in their own places Kim started for Food and Water to live Afterwards be walked a bit further and found a box of food and water He kept an asking God for more things and God Granted whatever Kim asked Several Months passed and Kim decided to go back he prayed for a ship to come and take him back. A day passed and a ship came to take him back just when he stepped on the ship God called Kim and asked him Why do you leave your companion here Kim suddenly remembered his friend Ray And ran to Ray’s part of the Island he ran and found that Ray wasn’t there Kim was existed about the challenges result suddenly God came and told Kim My dear son Kim don’t get to existed Ray has won the challenge because he only prayed about one thing to me and that is Lord please grant all the things that Kim has asked Kim was surprised and asked God lord then where is my friend Ray. God said son I have taken him away to be with me in heaven Kim was in tears and he went back to his Village.



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