ABC Terms & Conditions

  1. By registering to the event, you agree to the terms and conditions by itself.
  2. The Audio Bible Contest 1.0 (ABC) event will be conducted as an online event, in Malayalam language. The Contest is organized by Kraisthava Ezhuthupura (KE) in partnership with FCBH South Asia (FCBH). The Contest is valid only in India (or as applicable).
  3. Contestants eligible to participate in the Contest in accordance to the eligibility criteria specified in point no. 4 of these Terms and Conditions and participating in the Contest are hereinafter referred to as the “Participants”.
  4. To be eligible to take part in the Contest, the Participants need to confirm to the following eligibility criteria:
    • an Individual;
    • an Indian citizen; (Citizens and/or residents of countries other than India are not eligible to participate.)
    • a Christian believer;
    • read/write/speak/understand Malayalam language;
    • currently residing in India; (Citizens and/or residents of countries other than India residing in India are not eligible to participate.)
    • aged 18 years and above (as of 01 Nov 2020);
    • If you don’t satisfy the above conditions, you may be disqualified from the event, or your registration may be revoked by participants if you are found ineligible during the scrutiny of applications.
  5. There is no entry fee or participation fee payable by the Participant/s for participating in this Contest. The organisers will not accept any form of payment from any of the Participant/s interested in participating in the contest, further participation in the Contest will not in itself make the participant eligible for the Prize.
  6. Questions may be asked from Gospel of Matthew, Epistles of Romans & Hebrews in text, audio and video formats. Participants may watch the videos from KEFA TV Youtube Channel or app. The audio files for the contest are available in the HUM app. The links to text/audio/video resources for the ABC contest is made available in the registration page (
  7. Management members & Chapter Executives of KE, Staff members of FCBH South Asia & HUM and their immediate family members are not eligible to take part in the contest. 
  8. Decisions of the Quiz Master will remain unabated. Quiz Master’s decision on the selection of winner(s) will be final and binding on all the Participant/s. No correspondence, clarification, explanation in this regard will be entertained by KE/FCBH.
  9. The contest and the event as a whole will be conducted in all is integrity & unbiased. In no circumstances will any revaluation request be accepted or even entertained.
  10. The organizers shall not be responsible and/or liable in any manner whatsoever in case the participant is unable to participate due to failure on part of power, internet, etc. 
  11. Internet Connectivity is must for all contestants. In an event of any Internet Connectivity/ Speed/ Pinging/ Loss of Signal issues arise/occur, no special allowance of time or chance will be granted to any participant. Participants are to make sure to remain connected throughout the quiz contest.
  12. Computers/ Tablets/ Mobile Phones which are being used for the contest should be made sure to be having the adequate configuration to cope up with speed/response  requirements of the contest. Any device failure will be the sole responsibility of the contestant.
  13. The organizers have endeavored to make all reasonably practicable arrangements to minimize communication system difficulties but can make no guarantee therefore and shall not be liable for any failures in the same.
  14. The event updates and live streaming will be shared in Kraisthava Ezhuthupura Facebook page as well as KEFA TV Youtube channel. All participants are requested to like/follow/subscribe to the social media pages so that they can get updates about the event.
  15. Participants will receive the online event link in their email/whatsapp in the registered email/mobile number provided at the time of registration. It will be the responsibility of the participant to check the email/whatsapp and get it into the online event at the stipulated time. Instructions for the online event will be shared in the first week of November.
  16. Registered participants are not allowed to share the online event link to others. If it comes to our notice that a second person entered the online meeting room with the event link shared to a participant, that participant will be disqualified from the event.
  17. Video Questions asked may be played with/without accompanied audio/speech/dialogue/ music/ background music/music score.
  18. Under the circumstances of unavailability of a prize, a prize of a similar value shall be distributed to the winners for which he/she has been selected.
  19. Any Participant taking part in the Contest and declared the winner of the Contest and is unable to fulfill any one or more eligibility requirements, as specified in above mentioned clauses of these Terms and Conditions, on the date of closure of Contest, shall be disqualified from receiving any Contest Prize under this Contest. Inability of the Participant to fulfill the eligibility requirement, shall be construed as violating the terms and conditions of the Contest by such Participant. Any communication, clarification, query, dispute in this regard by those participants in any manner will not be entertained by the organisers.
  20. The organisers have sole discretion in the interpretation and enforcement of Contest rules, including but not limited to selection of winner, disqualification of winner or participants.
  21. The organisers will have no liability, in case someone is not able to participate on account of his inability to access the contest links as provided on.
  22. The organisers will not be liable for any loss, claim, damage, expenses whether expressed, implied, real, consequential incurred by the Participant due to participation in the Contest.
  23. The winners name will be published in KE Official Facebook page and the winners will be intimated within 14 days of the conclusion of the Contest, by way of email on the email id of the winner. In the event of no response/acknowledgement from the concerned winner to the email communication within 30 days, then his/her prize will be forfeited.
  24. The winners should submit the necessary documentation / proof of identity and other relevant documentation, which the organisers request for, within 14 days of receiving intimation of being selected as winner of the Contest.
  25.  The prizes will be distributed / delivered to the winners by the organisers within 30 days of submission of all necessary documents by the winners, at the respective addresses of the winners. If the winner is absent from taking the delivery of the prize and fails to collect the same within 30 days from submission of requisite documents, then his/her prize stands forfeited.
  26. The prizes are non-endorsable, not transferable and non-substitutable. The prizes are offered on a ‘NO EXCHANGE NO REFUND’ basis. The organisers will not entertain any requests for exchange in lieu of the prize/s.
  27. Apart from the entitlement to the above prize/s, the winners and/or their legal heirs will have no other rights or claims against.
  28. The organisers reserves the right to modify, add or delete any of the terms and conditions or participation mechanics of the Contest at any point of time at its sole discretion without serving any prior intimation to the Participants. Intimation of any change, modification, addition, deletion in the terms and condition of the Contest will be served to the participation by posting the revised terms and condition of the Contest on Kraisthava Ezhuthupura portal/social platforms.
  29. The organisers are not responsible for participants not being able to understand the Contest mechanics or for his misinterpretation of the same. No correspondence, clarification, explanation in this regard will be entertained by the organisers.
  30. The organisers shall not be liable for any failure to comply with its obligations caused by weather conditions, fire, flood, strike, hurricane, industrial dispute, war, hostilities, terrorist attack, political unrest, riots, civil commotion, inevitable accidents, acts of God or any other circumstances amounting to Force Majeure.
  31. The organisers shall not be responsible for any loss or damage if it has to discontinue or cancel this Contest in compliance with any law, ruling, order, regulation, requirement or instruction of any Central/State Government or for any other unavoidable reason beyond its control. The Participant/s shall be informed of such discontinuance/cancellation as soon as possible.
  32. All rights, designs, patterns of the event are owned jointly by Kraisthava Ezhuthupura & FCBH South Asia.