IMAGINATION: Isaac’s letter to his loving Mom | Jezrin Jacob, United Kingdom

Sarah Abraham,

Shalom Ima,

Hope you are well. I’m writing this letter to tell you that I am going with Abba to Moriah.
Day before yesterday, Abba woke me up in the morning and told me that we had to go to a mountain in Moriah. I asked him if you were coming, but he said that you weren’t, and he also asked me to keep it a secret from you. I wondered why he was hiding it from you, but I didn’t ask him because I knew he did so with a proper reason. Before leaving, I wanted to tell you about it but you were in the field feeding sheep, so I left without telling you. Sorry Ima…

Anyways, I am with him, and we also took Abimael and Sheleph with us. Father split some wood for the burnt offering and loaded them on a donkey, and then we started the journey. I came to know that Moriah is 2 days from Beersheba. I was really excited about the journey. Abba told me that God spoke to him saying that he must offer a burnt sacrifice on the mountain in Moriah. We are going there to worship God! This makes me a lot happier. I know that you might have also wanted to worship God, but since it is a long journey Abba might have been concerned about your health. That may be why he didn’t tell you about it.

Today we saw the mountain at a distance. Abba told Abimael and Sheleph to wait for us at the foot of the mountain with the donkey. Abba had the fire and knife in his hands. He laid the wood on my back. We both started walking towards the mountain. While we were walking, I remembered that we didn’t have the lamb for the sacrifice. I asked him, “Abba, Look, the fire and the wood, but where is the lamb for the burnt offering?” I was a little surprised from what I heard from him because he said, “God will Provide”. I am very excited to know what is going to happen.

We are almost near Moriah now. We met Rehoboth, a friend of Abba. He was there to buy some spices and some camels from the camel market. I’m sending this letter through him. I’ll tell you about the rest of the journey when we reach home. I know that you are taking care of Dina, outside our tent. Please feed her some cracked corn two times a day, for me. She really loves those. I hope she won’t be missing me too much! Abba also sends his love and regards. We both miss you. I know you miss us too. We will be there soon, Ima. Can’t wait to see you.

With love,
Your son,

Jezrin Jacob, United Kingdom



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